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Marshall Stern, Lisa Aga and Alex Bach 61st Minnesota Nutrition Conference & Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council Technical Symposium. September 19-20, 2000. Bloomington, MN

    SoyPass®   Expeller Soy
RUP (bypass), % of CP   69.2   49.7
Range   64.7-73.5   33.6-73.7
ID, % of CP   76.8   80.1
Range   71.7-81.6   59.6-90.8
IADP, % of CP   53.0   40.4
Range   50.7-54.8   22.3-59.4

Quoting from the paper, “From the data, it appears that nonenzymatically browned SBM is the more effective means of processing SBM for protection of protein from microbial degradation in the rumen. Nonenzymatically browned SBM had a lower amount of variation between samples for ruminal undegradable protein (SE-3.8 vs 11.4), intestinal digestion (SE-5.1 vs 11.9) and IADP (SE-1.8 vs 12.3) compared with expeller processed SBM (Aga, 1998).” (Nonenzymatically browned soybean meal is SoyPass®.)

SoyPass® -- The Bottom-Line Advantage.

RUP – Rumen Undegraded Protein: CP – Crude Protein: ID – Intestinal Digestibility: IADP – Intestinally Absorbable Dietary Protein. Samples were all field samples gathered by the researchers.